The Top Car Commercials of Super Bowl 50


According to overnight Nielsen ratings data, Sunday night’s almost record-breaking Super Bowl 50 was the second highest rated Super Bowl in football history. Forty-nine percent of households with a television tuned in to watch the national event.

Even those who aren’t loyal to either participating team or fans of football watch solely for the much-talked about ads. Commercials are a large part of the quintessential Super Bowl viewing experience and tend to be talked about long after the national event.

A 30-second advertisement during this year’s Super Bowl cost an extravagant $5 million, which checks in at $166,666 per second of air time. And that $5 million doesn’t include production costs or celebrity endorsements, meaning the finalized product costs companies a pretty penny, to say the least.

The USA Today Ad Meter, a live poll administered to several focus groups during the annual telecast of the Super Bowl, tracked reactions to the commercials on a zero-to-10 scale, with 10 being the most popular and zero being the least.

If you were too distracted by consuming copious amounts of chips and guacamole during the commercial breaks and missed a few of the ads, has you covered. We took a look at the highest rated car commercials according to the Ad Meter — because new cars and auto insurance go hand-in-hand, right?

1. Hyundai

Hyundai stole the airwaves, dominating the first quarter, second quarter and halftime with a total of four 30-second ads, three of which came in close to the top according to the Ad Meter. With so much air time, it’s no surprise that the manufacturer ranked at the coveted No. 1 spot when compared to the ad metrics of competitors in their market space. The ad for the Hyundai Genesis highlighted the tech-savvy practicality of the car’s vehicle-tracking capabilities.

“First Date,” receiving a 6.9 metrics score, featured comedian Kevin Hart as an overly protective father taking full advantage of this feature by lending his daughter’s date the vehicle and keeping tabs on their whereabouts throughout the evening.

Hyundai’s second-highest ranking ad, “Ryanville,” earned a score of 6.27 and primarily focused on the safety features of its Genesis sedan, including auto-braking capabilities that engage if you get distracted behind the wheel, helping keep you and your passengers safe.

“The Chase,” Hyundai’s third-highest ranking ad, scored a 6.19 with an ad featuring an adventurous high-speed chase between a couple and two bears, crediting the vehicle’s voice-activated self-starting capabilities.

2. Honda

A 6.13 Ad Meter score for Honda’s “A New Truck to Love” ad caused the automobile manufacturer to come in at second place with its 30-second commercial. Humor is often effective in ads, and this one was no exception. Featuring a herd of sheep singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” Honda took a lighthearted approach to advertising its new Ridgeline truck equipped with truck bed audio – the only truck on the market with this capability.

3. Audi

Adventure. Freedom. Reliving youthful glory days. Audi’s “Commander,” with a rating of 6.04, comes in third with its stunningly ethereal 30-second ad. The commercial appealed to adrenaline junkies by comparing the adventure of space exploration to driving the new R8, which has a promised top speed of 205 miles per hour. It also tugged at viewers’ heartstrings with its inclusion of audio from the late David Bowie.

4. Toyota

Toyota produced two ads – “The Longest Chase” and “Heck on Wheels” – which took lighthearted approaches to advertising its Prius. “The Longest Chase” earned an Ad Meter score of 5.97, while the score for “Heck on Wheels” was unavailable. The manufacturer humorously poked fun at the car’s less-than-exciting image by portraying bank robbers escaping the clutches of police officers during a days-long chase, and a morning commute that’s actually enjoyable, respectively. The commercials’ goals were to prove that the vehicle can be both an incredible, powerful car and easy on the environment.

5. Jeep

Perhaps one of the most poignant and emotional ads of the top five, Jeep effectively pulled at its viewers’ heartstrings through a black and white ad aptly named “Portraits,” which earned a ranking of 5.70. The ad’s beautiful storytelling spoke about how Jeep’s drivers are the true creators of the vehicle and that a lifetime of meaningful moments and memories produced while driving a Jeep were what truly made the automobile great. <span></span> “4x4ever,” Jeep’s 60-second ad, scored a 5.21 and aired during the final quarter of the game. Using unique, catchy music and stunning imagery, the ad effectively appealed to the millennial generation with the unspoken promise that owning a Jeep could provide a lifetime of adventure and memories. Editor Picks

Since not all auto manufacturers’ ads made the cut for the top five based on Ad Meter results, a few of our editors gathered and picked those that we felt deserved a shout.

“The Big Game Meets the Big Day”

Ensuing quite a few laughs from our editorial team and arguably being the most fitting commercial of the big game, Buick’s ad for their new Cascada convertible featured NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. and Emily Ratajkowski. The setting for this ad was a wedding, where a bridesmaid “totally Odell’d” the catch of the bouquet, much to the surprise of the wedding guests. But the biggest surprise (aside from Beckham Jr. being in attendance at the wedding)? The fact that the bride and groom’s stunning getaway car was, in fact, a Buick.

“The Walken Closet”

At, we love a good pun. Kia’s commercial to advertise its newest midsize sedan features Christopher Walken sitting in a couple’s walk-in closet. Walken criticizes the husband in the ad for blending in and walking through life like “beige socks.” Walken encourages him to purchase the new Kia Optima, which he refers to as being like the “world’s most exciting pair of socks.” According to the company’s website, the Optima is “Not Your Average Midsize Sedan,” and stands out with its sleek, sophisticated design and enviable safety features.

“Defy Labels”

Mini Cooper’s “Defy Labels” ad challenged the status quo and the labels that are commonly put on drivers of the vehicle. The ad featured a multitude of celebrities and called out specific stereotypes, making the statement that the Mini Cooper’s new Mini Clubman is an outstanding vehicle for anyone and everyone, regardless of demographic or lifestyle.

“Simply Put”

Though not a car commercial, our editors agreed that “Simply Put” was arguably the best ad of the Super Bowl.

Budweiser’s phenomenal ad in the form of a public service announcement featured Helen Mirren and used a touch of humor while effectively sending a clear, important message regarding the dangers of driving under the influence. Since Mirren is “notoriously frank and insensitive,” she states that anyone who drives drunk is a “short-sighted, utterly useless, oxygen-wasting, human form of pollution.” This advertisement promoted the beer company’s #GiveADamn campaign, which donates one dollar to safe ride programs, such as Uber and Lyft, with every tweeted hashtag.

At, we were incredibly grateful for this announcement and love the fact that such a well-done PSA has garnered so much attention.

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