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Top 15 Cities in the U.S. Melting Pot

Thanksgiving is the time for gathering friends and family, blending cultures, giving thanks, and feasting on a spread that would satisfy the most regal of kings and queens. While you’re gathered around the dinner table reflecting on your life and listing the things you’re thankful for, consider tacking on home insurance. Think about it; your […]

The Night of Fright is Upon Us

Grocery store aisles are full of princess dress and superhero suits, fun-size candy, and frightful orange and black decorations. Kids, adults, friends, couples, and families have spent the last month or more carefully choosing terrifying or out-of-the box costumes that will get them, like, the most likes ever on Facebook and Instagram. Halloween is clawing […]

Pennsylvania’s Most Dangerous Cities for Severe Weather

Pennsylvania’s only F5 tornado was recorded in May 1985 during what is now referred to as the Barrie tornado outbreak, which swept three states and Ontario, Canada. The outbreak killed 65 Pennsylvanians, and throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, the outbreak caused $600 million worth of damage. With the intensity of such a tornado outbreak […]

Don’t Rely on the Luck of the Irish: Make Sure Your Property is Protected on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular holidays in the United States, with roughly 97% of the population planning to celebrate each year, according to Survey Analytics and PR Newswire. Ranked as the second most popular drinking day of the year by Time magazine, the excessive alcohol consumption involved with the holiday’s festivities […]

Use Your Tax Refund to Earn Savings on Insurance

April 15 is looming. By now, many of you have filed your federal and state taxes (the rest of you should get cracking) and are waiting for some long-anticipated checks in the mail (if you haven’t gotten your refunds already). The average refund this year, according to the IRS, is roughly $3,034, and more than […]

Top 5 Affordable Cities to Buy a Home

Looking for an affordable place to live? Consider these five cities, which offer some of the nation’s lowest median home prices, home insurance premiums, and property tax rates. But we don’t think affordability should mean sacrifice, so we chose cities with growing job markets that also offer plenty of leisure activities. 1. St. Louis This […]

March Starts Tornado Season: Are You Prepared?

The weather also brings something else: tornadoes. March starts off tornado season, especially in the Southeast, which typically sees strong winds from March to May. Tornado alley (in the Southern Plains) typically experiences the most tornados between May and June, whereas the Northern Plains and the Midwest become most vulnerable from June to July. The […]