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Love and Mortgage: Should Newlyweds Buy or Rent a Home?

Somewhere in your mind, you might have an idealized image of a newly married couple triumphantly sweeping into a dream home with the wife in the husband’s arms. As corny as the tradition might seem, you can also see it as a powerful symbol — two people making their first entrance into the home they […]

Don’t Let Spring Break Become Spring Breakdown

March marks the start of spring break season for colleges and schools across the country, which means thousands of students and families will be piling in cars and hitting the open road. It’s easy, with all the necessary planning and packing, to forget to prep your vehicle for the trip. However, failing to properly equip […]

When Home Prices Go Up, Do You Need More Home Insurance?

Real estate prices climbed 20% in 2013 in some places. Do higher sales values mean you should bump up the amount of insurance coverage on your home? Among experts, there’s little doubt the real estate market is bouncing back. Dr. Stan Humphries, chief economist at Zillow.com, says some real-estate hot-spots saw home prices increase more […]

How Green Living Can Lower Your Home Insurance Bills

The surprising solution to save the planet and its homeowners from rising premiums U.S. homeowners paid an average of $864 annually for home insurance as of July 2013, about 21% more than they did just four years earlier, according to the HomeInsurance.com RateReport. Why? It’s complicated. So is a potential solution – green living – […]