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What the Millennium Falcon Can Teach Us about Auto Insurance

Automobile enthusiasts are passionate about their cars. That’s no surprise. Many owners of luxury, foreign or collector cars tend to treat their vehicles more like a treasured member of the family than a mere possession, so finding the right auto insurance is of the utmost importance. If galactic insurance in the Star Wars universe was […]

Don’t Rely on the Luck of the Irish: Make Sure Your Property is Protected on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular holidays in the United States, with roughly 97% of the population planning to celebrate each year, according to Survey Analytics and PR Newswire. Ranked as the second most popular drinking day of the year by Time magazine, the excessive alcohol consumption involved with the holiday’s festivities […]

The Top Car Commercials of Super Bowl 50

According to overnight Nielsen ratings data, Sunday night’s almost record-breaking Super Bowl 50 was the second highest rated Super Bowl in football history. Forty-nine percent of households with a television tuned in to watch the national event. Even those who aren’t loyal to either participating team or fans of football watch solely for the much-talked […]

Think Twice about Driving on Super Bowl Sunday

Football sometimes brings out the best in people. Courage, loyalty, athletic prowess, and fighting spirit are on display, especially during the Super Bowl. Watching the NFL’s championship game, however, also can bring out the worst in us: intoxication, belligerence, aggressiveness, and depression. Sound melodramatic? Maybe so, but most Americans do not take Super Bowl Sunday […]

It’s a Wonderful Insurance

Face it, everyone loves It’s a Wonderful Life. Who can’t relate to the story of how one man’s seemingly insignificant life touches so many others? Who can resist tearing up at least a bit when the town comes to George Bailey’s aid? Who can watch without seeing all the insurance risks throughout the movie? OK, […]