“Sic-em!” – Lassie and Internet Target Marketing


One of the chores that young children are tasked with on a dairy farm is to bring in or “herd” the cows. As a child quickly learns, moving a group of animals in a specific direction can be a lesson in futility. Animals as a rule, naturally want to move under their own guidance and that may or may not particularly be the destination the human has decided is correct. They may move in that path for a while, but sooner or later they will make a bolt for freedom in a different direction.

This is where our farm dog came into play. He loved to drive cattle. With one command “Sic-em” our dog, Lassie, would go after the herd and drive them in the direction you selected. A good dog could keep a large herd under control with minimal effort. In fact, it didn’t take very long for the dog to select and organize her herd and establish who was in charge.

As a marketer, I’ve dreamed of a tool that would allow me to select and direct potential qualified customers to my internet store front. I wanted a “Virtual Lassie” who could round up customers and drive them to my sales force. I wanted the process after setup to be as easy as saying “sic-em” and continue every day of the week as long as I desired.

Enhance Insurance can be your solution. Thousands of pages of directed content, savvy internet optimization, combined with your agency’s reputation, all work together to attract and motivate potential clients to seek your agency for advice on their insurance. This fusion of effort goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing you with a flow of customers who are seeking advice on their insurance protection.

By not focusing on price, the product and your service work together to drive the conversation in the direction you want.

Now if only we could get an Internet browser to wag its tail and fetch.

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