#InsuranceHorrorStories Day 6: The Horrors of Child’s Play …


Everyone who’s ever been a child knows the feeling. It’s raining outside in the middle of the night, and you’re tucked in safely under the blankets. But wasn’t that creepy clown doll just a little bit further away when you went to sleep? Why would your parents even bring such a terrifying plaything in your house in the first place!

Horror movies aren’t doing much to help calm our imaginations, either – Just look at Child’s Play (and all of the Chucky sequels), Poltergeist, Dolly Dearest and our own six-second horror creation above to remember the terror of trying to fall asleep across from the murderous plush toys on your shelf, just waiting to spring to life.

While most of us eventually grow out of this horrifying habit of make-believe, this popular trope does have potential to quickly turn into a real-life insurance horror story…

The price on his head

In Child’s Play, the iconic “Good Guy” doll Andy wants for his birthday costs so much that his mother has to secretly buy one on the black market. In addition to having the misfortune of choosing a doll inhabited by the soul of a serial killer, Karen’s investment ends up getting shot by Detective Norris, thrown into a fireplace and being decapitated over the course of the movie.

Considering the actual value of the doll used in the movie is estimated at more than $1,500 today, we’re certain the contents coverage – designed to protect personal property – of her home insurance wouldn’t have covered it. To extend her home insurance coverage and at least save herself from an insurance horror story after all the destruction Chucky caused, she would have had to schedule an endorsement on her policy.

What were they thinking?

As a matter of fact, destroying high-value items could be its own horror trope. There are plenty of examples of expensive things being ruined in horror movies, but our favorite has to be the infamous prom bloodbath in Carrie. These days, families spend an average of $1,078 on prom. Although Carrie’s mom would likely be the last to invest that kind of cash for a school dance, we can’t help but wonder if a little insurance could have reduced at least some of the terror of their horror story.

It certainly would have come in handy at the end of the movie.

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