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The phone rings, ominous music gets louder, and our horror movie protagonist steps right into an extreme close-up. It’s a perfect formula for an extra-creepy horror scene, and we’ve seen it a thousand times in movies such as Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street, When A Stranger Calls and our own six second horror creation above. But while we know very well what’s right behind them when they finally turn around, they’re somehow always shocked to learn he was in the house the whole time!

In addition to being the perfect introduction to a terrifying and dramatic chase scene, this popular horror trope also has a lot of potential to quickly turn into a real-life insurance horror story …

He snuck in through the window

If you’re serious about preventing a real-life horror story in your own home, shouldn’t you have installed a security system? Rather than being notified of an intruder’s presence by a creepy phone call, ominous music, suspicious shadows or all of the above, a high-decibel alarm would go off the second he crossed a threshold into your house. You and your neighbors will have plenty of warning before the danger gets too close – the only call in the house will be an emergency responder, and the only thing you’ll see behind you will be red and blue flashing lights.

There’s another benefit, too. A security system could help save you from an insurance premium nightmare as well. Many providers offer discounts as much as 20% just for being protected by an alarm system.

Another piece of advice, simple as it might sound: Lock your doors and windows at night. Horror movie victims always seem to make it easy for someone like Michael Myers or Jigsaw to sneak in by leaving doors and windows unlocked. Make it as difficult as possible for anyone to break in – you’re more likely to hear the invasion attempt, and any resulting damage to your property will most likely be covered by your home insurance policy.

He wreaked havoc in the house

When horror movie villains break in, they’re typically not concerned with wiping their feet at the door or not spilling blood on your mother’s priceless rug. Some of the scariest chase scenes in horror movie history likely would have resulted in even scarier insurance claims due to property damage.

Just look at the opening sequence of Scream. Ghostface smashes a window to get inside and leaves behind a trail of destruction, slicing curtains and couch cushions, shattering expensive vases and destroying everything in his path to Casey. Although the Beckers likely are covered against vandalism, crime and property damage, the aftermath of this crazed masked serial killer looks a lot like an insurance horror story.

Coming Tomorrow: Anyone up for a shower?

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