#InsuranceHorrorStories Day 2: He’s Right Behind You!


When the creepy music comes on and the protagonist casually opens the mirrored medicine cabinet, you know something scary is about to happen. Just look at Poltergeist, The Ring, The Grudge, What Lies Beneath and our own six-second horror creation above (make sure the sound is on) to see some of the deadly consequences of not checking behind you when there are mirrors involved.

In addition to being one of the ultimate cover-your-eyes, hold-on-to-your-popcorn jump scares in movie history, this popular horror trope also has great potential to quickly turn into a real-life insurance horror story …

Beware the uninvited guest

How many horror movie victims could have been saved if they’d only had a home security system? Jamie Lee Curtis could have easily had the cops on the way and the neighbors alerted by the sound of a high-decibel alarm before Michael Myers even got close to her bathroom mirror. Liv Tyler could have gotten rid of The Strangers if that house in the middle of nowhere had been equipped with a proper burglar alarm. Even Drew Barrymore could have been saved from Ghostface in Scream if only her parents had wired a security system to respond to a smashed window.

You don’t have to build a Panic Room, but a simple burglar alarm or home security system can decrease your chance of hosting unexpected intruders by as much as 300% — which means you’re also less likely to find yourself in a burglary or theft- related insurance nightmare. And you also could qualify for a discount of up to 10% on your home insurance premium – sometimes even more.

When victims find themselves in rising water

Even when villains aren’t popping up in mirrors, the bathroom always just seems to be a dangerous place in horror movies. In What Lies Beneath, as Claire lies sedated in the bathtub, Norman (Harrison Ford) slips on the wet floor leaving him bloodied and unconscious.

This scene looks like an insurance horror story to us on many different levels: For one, home insurance doesn’t cover injuries sustained by the homeowners themselves – the medical payments section of your policy is designed only to help with medical expenses for guests who are injured on your property (as long as they don’t sue). Norman will just have to hope his health insurance extends coverage for injuries that happen to have been sustained while trying to cover up a murder/frame a suicide.

Secondly, who’s watching the bathtub? The water continues to rise during all the action, and since the Spencer’s house is an old historic Vermont lake house, the size of any water damage claims resulting from this climactic scene is terrifying in and of itself.

The moral of these insurance horror stories: Use caution when running a bath (especially if you’ve just discovered Harrison Ford is a murderer), and invest in a home security system to help prevent intruders from breaking in. Or, at the very least, always check behind you before looking into a bathroom mirror.

Coming Monday: Of course the car won’t start.

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