Blog Gets Haunted This Halloween: #InsuranceHorrorStories


We’ve all been there – desperately shouting “Do NOT go in there!” in the theater at the hapless horror victims who always decide it’s a good idea to investigate imminent danger alone and wishing they would know by now that there’s always something behind you!

Some horror clichés are especially difficult to watch for us as insurance experts: Did the five teenagers stranded in rural Texas in 1974 not know about roadside assistance? Why didn’t everyone in Woodsboro install security systems after the first movie string of murders?! What type of coverage is even available for a haunted house that caves in and gets sucked into another dimension?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a quick list of some of the most famous scenes in horror movies that really make us cringe:

  • “Here’s Johnny!” – The iconic axe scene in The Shining. Standard coverage probably isn’t going to cover this kind of intentional damage wreaked by a madman.
  • “They’re all going to laugh at you!”Carrie’s bloody prom and the fiery aftermath. Hopefully Margaret scheduled an endorsement on that red dress and had some excellent insurance coverage on the house.
  • “Don’t they ever stop migrating?” – The mayhem at the gas station caused by the invasion of The Birds. We wonder if this sort of damage would fall under comprehensive coverage as an “act of God?”
  • “We’re going to need a bigger boat.” –Quint doesn’t exactly seem like the type to have taken out a great boat insurance policy before heading out on his epic shark hunt in Jaws.

OK, if you’re trapped inside a horror movie, we get that you probably have more pressing matters on your mind – like surviving. But some of the decisions characters like these constantly make on the big screen are too dangerously cliché to let go. So if you’ve also ever wondered why it always sounds like a good plan to split up and check out the creepy sounds coming from outside, or why victims in horror movies always have to check the killer’s body one last time, we’ve got the perfect Halloween Treat for you.

We’re kicking off Halloween early this week with some fun tricks, treats and bone-chilling scares, recreating some of our favorite horror movie scenes. Starting Thursday, we’re counting down the most terrifying horror tropes that keep us up at night and analyzing the real-life danger and damage behind them. Check back here this week and next for the videos, and follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates on the countdown.

Take notes – you might just learn how to survive a horror movie.

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