Health Insurance

Buying a Health Insurance Policy
It’s not easy to find affordably priced, adequate health insurance in today’s marketplace. If you, like millions of Americans, buy your own health insurance, you’re likely to find a confusing array of options for individual health insurance. Finding affordable health insurance that provides the coverage you need can be an involved, confusing process. These tips can help you choose the right health insurance coverage for yourself and your family.

Make a List of Medical and Health Services Your Family Needs

When it comes to health insurance needs, every family is different. That’s why a one-size-fits-all plan is seldom enough. Before you start shopping for health insurance, make a list of all the services your family needs. Does anyone have a chronic health problem? Do you have young children? Is there a senior in your household? All of those things carry medical and health risks and needs that you should consider when choosing health insurance.

Learn About Health Insurance Regulations in Your State
While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made some across-the-board regulations regarding health insurance, regulating insurance companies is still a state-by-state responsibility. Know what your state requires for health insurance, and the types of health insurance that are acceptable in your state to help you make your decision.

Know Your Rights About Health Insurance
The ACA provides many protections for health insurance consumers, and more of them are planned to kick in over the next three years. For example, the ACA prohibits insurers from imposing lifetime limits on most health benefits and requires insurance companies to offer health insurance to you even if you have pre-existing conditions.

Compare Individual Health Insurance Policies
Always compare the different health insurance policies offered by a company to find the one that suits your family the best. Some companies even allow you to mix and match features to tailor a health insurance policy for your needs. These are some of the common health care services covered by health insurance:

  • Office visits to your doctor
  • Emergency room visits
  • Inpatient and outpatient surgery
  • Well-baby care
  • Immunizations
  • Medical tests and diagnostic tests
  • X-rays
  • Mental health care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Vision care and glasses
  • Basic dental care and orthodontics
  • Maternity care

In addition, many health care policies specifically exclude, limit or restrict certain procedures and services. It’s important to know the limitations of the health insurance policy before you buy.
We connect you with a wide variety of health insurance plans and health insurance policies. Shop carefully and you’re sure to find the perfect health insurance plan for your family and needs.