5 New Year’s Resolutions that Help with Home Insurance


We all make New Year’s resolutions, each of us with a different level of conviction. Some follow our self-made prescriptions for the New Year religiously, but most don’t. Now, you may have another incentive to stick to your New Year’s goals: the insurance perks they could earn you.

These perks probably aren’t the main reason for completing your goals, but can be that last push to get you to commit. Find out how five of your New Year’s resolutions can help with home insurance:

Live greener. If you become more environmentally friendly in 2014, you could improve your relationship with your insurance provider. Environmentally friendly materials can be more durable, so using them in a construction or renovation project – new roof, anyone? – could qualify you for a discount. Carriers also typically offer discounts for energy-efficient homes and alternative energy sources.

Quit smoking. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions, this one crops up on many lists. The benefits to your health, lifestyle, and wallet far outstrip anything home insurance can offer, but carriers do offer you discounts for quitting. If no one in your family smokes, you could be eligible for a home insurance discount.

Start fresh. Sometimes nothing feels better than starting over in a new home. We’re not advocating that you spend money you don’t have on buying new. If buying or building a new house is already in your plans, however, know that houses built within the last 10 years can save you on your premiums.

Get organized. Resolutions usually include at least one nod to becoming more organized in the New Year. If tidying up makes your priority list, you might as well combine it with another task. While you’re going through your stuff anyway, catalogue your possessions and organize them into a home inventory. Having a home inventory can help you prove what you own and settle a claim quickly and easily. Download our home inventory checklist for some guidance.

Save money. Planning to save more in the coming year? Why not more closely monitor what you currently spend? You could be throwing away money by paying too much for your insurance premiums. Shop around for insurance and discover further discounts for which you might qualify.

Not all resolutions are easy to follow. In fact, most of them aren’t. The added home insurance perks to completing your goals might make sticking to them a little easier. And if you fail in 2014, there’s always next year.

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